Company and Group GreenPowerMonitor is an international company that offers products and services in the renewable energies sector, with a specific focus in the photovoltaic space. With more than 6 years’ experience, GreenPowerMonitor has consolidated its position as one of the leading internet based monitoring and energy management solutions for PV installations.With a total portfolio of 3GW, GreenPowerMonitor offers a market-leading integrated solution set for the management and maintenance of renewable energy installations. GreenPowerMonitor belongs to the DIPROTECH group (, a reference company in design and development and the engineering powerhouse behind the development of its technical products. Following a carefully charted growth strategy, GreenPowerMonitor began its international expansion during 2009 with the opening of its first overseas office in Italy. Currently, GreenPowerMonitor has offices in the following cities:

Why GreenPowerMonitor?

GreenPowerMonitor is the only company that covers the entire value chain in the field of monitoring and managing renewable power plants with their specialized services.By purchasing either of our programs, GPM PV Portal or GPM PV+ your facilities will need to be adapted so they can be properly monitored. The service consists of various installation phases, and the services we offer cover the entire range of monitoring and telemetry solutions for renewable energy plants.


1. Project: On-site design of a communication Project. We study the status of your renewable energy plants and we provide advice on the solution that will best meet your needs. We create the design for the communications project that will be best for your renewable energy plant, completely free of charge. Documents we provide in this initial review: - Technical Proposal - Installation and service budget

2. On plant: Installation of our hardware and launching of the GPM Solutions. GreenPowerMonitor installs its own hardware, the DAM (Data Acquisition Module) adapting it to each client.

3. GPM Solutions: Monitoring, Control and Asset Management solutions GPM Solutions is GreenPowerMonitor’s series of customized monitoring tools. Once installed, all of the data they collect is automatically sent to the GPM server. GreenPowerMonitor’s solutions give you integrated control over all of your facilities, in real-time from anywhere around the world. - We integrate the data from different elements which are not necessarily GreenPowerMonitor hardware: - Data with a GSP or TCP-IP connection - Data captured via satellite - Management program with other key software used by your company - Your data are stored securely in our Data Center. - You can Access to the historical data at any time. 

4. Support Service. Your Key Account Manager will be by your side in order to assist you in any issue.GreenPowerMonitor makes data acquisition and processing according to IEC 61724 standard.

About GPM PV System

1. Data acquisition systems for collecting data from the energy plant and/or additional external sensors. 

2. Transmission systems for sending data to a central server which collects the information from the photovoltaic plants. 

3. Storage systems for storing the data. Our servers offer high levels of security and data back-up. 

4. Monitoring systems and on-site GPM PV+ management. In addition to monitoring, it also integrates tools for financial, operational and maintenance management. Designed to make it     possible to manage multiple plants with a single, all-in-one program. Allows for Control Room mode. 

5. Remote monitoring systems from the GPM PV Portal. The information received in real time can be viewed remotely at the GPM PV Portal: 

6. The platform provides an immediate reading of data which minimizes reaction time. Its proprietary command module can act directly on remote devices to change their state immediately. 

Technical credentials

GreenPowerMonitor has been recently confirmed by GTM Research as the biggest independent solar monitoring company in the world, outside Germany. Our specialty is utility-scale solar projects, and we have over 3GW under management across the globe in more than 1.600 solar projects. We increase the value of solar assets by having them run better. The current portfolio is comprised of: